Why should I use Pocketlaw?

When should I start using Pocketlaw?

I already have a great relationship with my lawyer, why should I use Pocketlaw?

I can't afford to use Pocketlaw right now

I don't need Pocketlaw right now

Are you providing me with legal advice?

Are your documents legally binding?

Can’t I just download a document from the internet?

I already have an in-house lawyer / legal team, why should I still use your service?

I don't have any legal knowledge, how can I create contracts?

I do not have time to implement a new system

Will all of my colleagues use the same account?

How do you control access levels?

What can a User do on the platform?

What can a Team Manager do on the platform?

What can an Admin do on a platform?

How many external (my own) documents can I store on Pocketlaw?

I can't find the template / contract I am looking for

Does Pocketlaw offer a Global product?

What areas of law do you cover?

Can you review documents and agreements for me?

How do I upgrade my account?

How do I cancel my subscription?

How do I upload my own documents to Pocketlaw?

How do I add new users to our company account?

How do I change the company name or company information?

How do I change my billing e-mail address?

What format do your documents come in?

What e-signing providers can I use via Pocketlaw?

How do I buy more e-signing credits?

How do I disconnect/change my e-signing account/provider?

Can I integrate Pocketlaw with other software that I have?

I can't seem to find functions such as version control and redlining on the platform?

Where are my documents stored?