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Pocketlaw is the all-in-one legal platform where you can manage contracts and legal workflows in an efficient scalable and user-friendly way cross-organization. You and your team can create, collaborate, eSign, store, track contracts, and manage all other things legal in one place.

Pocketlaw provides you with a complete overview of your company's legal status including tasks, statuses of shared or signed contracts, the number and types of contracts stored in the platform and more. On this discovery page you'll always be in the know about everything happening around legal. From here you can act quickly on your legal needs.

Let's start with creating a new document. Pocketlaw simplifies the contract creation workflow. Simply select the document you want to create and start filling it out. Our guided contract creation with smart logic ensures every agreement is filled out correctly. Pocketlaw gives you relevant information and asks all the questions for you making the journey smooth and efficient. You can customize and automate your company's own templates or use one of our ready to use documents from Pocketlaw's own library. We have over 400 standard agreements tailored to nine different jurisdictions, all created and maintained by experienced lawyers. They're always up to date according to the latest law helping you stay one step ahead.

Automating your contract workflows in Pocketlaw saves valuable time, reduces administrative work and minimizes potential for human errors. It allows you to create documents in minutes and scale with control. Once your document is created you can edit and collaborate in our online editing suite. You no longer need to export your legal documents to have external and internal parties provide feedback. Do everything in the document view with comments and our free text editor.

Give team members access to the document or share it securely with external parties. Our metadata tells you who has created the document and when. Create tasks and set reminders in the document view so you don't miss any important information or deadlines.

Through Zapier you can integrate over 5000 softwares into your Pocketlaw account such as Slack in order for you to keep track of all of your legal work. When everything is ready to go send it for eSigning. Our eSigning tool provides fully compliant signing for each jurisdiction you can always also upload an external document to Pocketlaw and send for eSigning.

Once the contract is completed or signed, Pocketlaw automatically stores it in your own secure data room. Access all of your documents in seconds using filters and meta tags. Create an organized folder structure to streamline and simplify your contract repository. Store all of your contracts old and new in Pocketlaw, upload any existing or third-party documents you have, store them alongside all of your other documents created in Pocketlaw.

In a world where data and insights will give you a competitive edge, storing all documents in a centralized location will ease collection and analysis of such data. Keep your data room secure by controlling and restricting access to specific users in the platform. With Pocketlaw Data and Insights you can measure and track all your legal work and use data to make informed decisions about how best to allocate resources and prioritize initiatives. Be able to answer questions about current legal intake, which types of documents are created the most and where the biggest impact is.

With Pocketlaw you get immediate access to legal expertise across multiple jurisdictions. Use our network of partner law firms for legal advice on more complex questions. You can also choose to have your own dedicated customer success manager to help you implement Pocketlaw and provide support when needed and there is always the support chat where you easily get access to the Pocketlaw team to get help.

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