Trademark and other intangible assets

For many companies, trademarks and other intellectual property rights are the most important assets. Despite this, it is common for companies not to know what to do to protect them. Failure to protect your trademark can, in the worst case, result in someone else catching up and registering the trademark, which will prevent you from continuing to use it. Not protecting other types of intangible assets, such as source code, software, text and images, through agreements may also mean that you may not use such as your employees or consultants have developed in the way you want.

Register your brand with the right authority

A brand is a hallmark of a company, product or service. The brand can be a symbol, a name, a slogan or another characteristic feature. Registering the company's trademark gives you the exclusive right to do so. The exclusive right means that your competitors may not use the same or similar brands, which is of course positive and strengthens the company's position in the market.

The registration is made with the Patent and Registration Office (PRV) and provides protection for the trademark in Sweden. If you want to seek protection throughout the EU, you can instead register the trademark with the EU Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) . Registering the trademark with EUIPO instead of PRV can be beneficial if you conduct business in several EU countries. By protecting the company's brand, the company becomes more attractive to both investors and business partners.

The IP check helps you

There are many difficult questions related to intangible assets, or "intellectual properties" as it is called in English. How to protect a domain? What are the disadvantages of using open source? Who owns the source code created by the tech department? These are just a few examples of all the questions that you can get answers to by doing the IP check in PocketLaw's platform. The IP check is a digital self-test that gives you answers to what the protection of your intangible assets looks like today, but which also gives you guidance on how to improve it now. Make sure you keep track of how you protect your intangible assets so you do not end up in situations where your trademark or domain can no longer be used because someone else has registered them before you.

PocketLaw helps you build better businesses

We help you understand your needs and find the right law. Through the IP check, you get help in understanding what you need to do to protect your brands and other intangible assets. In PocketLaw's platform, you can also create customized consulting agreements, confidentiality agreements, employment agreements, collaboration agreements and much more by answering questions digitally. In addition, you can save everything in a smart file management system and get personal advice - everything you need to drive your business forward.

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