Turn the mandatory whistleblowing law into something positive

The new whistleblowing law requires all companies with at least 50 employees to establish whistleblowing reporting channels. Many companies and organisations work in a structured and conscious way to address misconduct.

With the new whistleblowing law comes concrete requirements from the legislator on what reporting channels and handling procedures should look like. From December 2023, the new requirements apply to all companies with at least 50 employees. 

Complying with the new law is not complicated, but it requires consideration of several specific rules. These include how whistleblowers and accused persons are protected. However, the most comprehensive obligation is to establish secure channels to effectively manage whistleblowing. Because of this, many companies choose to work with a partner who can provide a secure and accessible system for handling whistleblowing reports.

If implemented correctly, the law strengthens the organisational culture and creates greater commitment from employees to address problems and highlight areas where companies don’t practise as they preach. Although whistleblowing systems are often associated with reporting channels and management tools, there is just as much value in the organisation reflecting on its approach to employee responsibilities, rules and obligations. As it is essential to establish clear procedures and to inform the organisation about the rules that apply, use tools such as Pocketlaw to create your updated whistleblowing policy to ensure that your employees have clarity on their rights and obligations.

When choosing a partner for whistleblowing, it is important to consider the organisation's circumstances, resources, skills and procedures. A suitable partner will be able to support where there is a need, both in implementation and in support with processing and information work. 

By engaging an external partner, you will receive system support that meets current regulatory requirements, such as anonymity, confidentiality and GDPR. It is important to choose a partner who can adapt the solution based on the organisation's conditions, resources, skills and procedures. A suitable partner will be able to provide support where needed, both in implementation and in processing and information work.

For many companies, cases in a whistleblowing channel are few and far between, but when sensitive cases do come in, it can make a big difference to have a partner to help with case assessment, advise on conflicts of interest that arise, and share how similar situations have been handled in other organisations.

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