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Create, sign and manage your contracts in one place

Never waste time, or overpay for legal, ever again. PocketLaw helps streamline contract creation and management across the whole organisation. Allows any team to do legal work from day one.

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Tools and content to solve legal in minutes

Create bespoke contracts in minutes using one of our 100+ templates or automate your own. With guidance every step of the way, you and your team are able to solve legal with confidence.

By combining automated tools with high quality content, PocketLaw saves businesses thousands of pounds and hundreds of hours a year - time and money that can be spent growing your business. With an integrated contract management system and access to our partner law firms, you have everything you need to build and grow your business, available whenever and wherever you need it. 

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Contract Creation

With intuitive questionnaires you are able to generate new and bespoke contracts. Save time and reduce risk by leveraging our extensive library of 100+ templates, that are developed by qualified lawyers. We provide digital guidance throughout to ensure a smooth contract creation process. 

To ensure that the contract process is as smooth as possible we have integrations with the most common e-signing providers DocuSign and Scrive.


It's easy to invite colleagues from across the organisation to work in PocketLaw. Control and limit access levels with ease. Never miss important deadlines with your own overview and dashboard. Assign tasks and deadlines to colleagues and partners, ensuring a smooth workflow.

You can get instant feedback from colleagues on your contracts and agreements through our commenting feature. Do you want feedback on an agreement from a person outside your own organisation? You can easily share an agreement and collect feedback from an external party.

Contract Management

Keep track of all your agreements and documents by storing them in a secure cloud platform. Sort and organise your documents in your very own dashboard, which allows you to stay on top of all your organisations legal.

By using a secure, best-in-class cloud service and a scalable architecture, we protect your data against data intrusion and sabotage. All data transfers to and between our services are encrypted.

Legal Guidance & Support

With high-quality and up-to-date legal content you are now able to understand your company's legal needs and immediately get suggested actions to solve them.

Speak to an experienced lawyer at one of our partner law firms to get bespoke legal advice on more complicated questions or challenges. We connect you with the relevant lawyer to address your specific issue. No hidden running costs, or fees.

The combination of a really slick automated platform with the availability of a responsive support team of legal experts means that we are able to create contracts quickly and with confidence

Paddy Cavanagh-Butler & Charlie Hobhouse - Founders

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