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The leading contract creation and collaboration platform

PocketLaw helps companies solve their everyday legal needs - empowering every team in the organisation to create contracts and manage legal with efficiency, ease and confidence. PocketLaw is transforming legal for businesses; turning it from a business blocker into a business enabler - with the end goal of giving every company in the world legal peace of mind.

How it all began

In 2018, Olga Beck-Friis and Kira Unger realised that businesses lacked an easy, affordable and efficient way to solve their legal needs.  As an M&A lawyer at Mannheimer Swartling, Kira experienced first-hand the archaic nature of the legal industry and saw how it had become a barrier to growth for businesses. At the same time, working with digital strategy at McKinsey & Co., Olga developed a deep understanding of how processes and customer experience in other industries were being radically improved by technology.

Following countless conversations with leaders and business operators, where the same complaints, worries, and doubts about legal issues were raised time and again, they realised that legal tech had failed to provide a viable alternative to traditional legal services. Therefore, they asked themselves: how should legal be done? Through an intuitive and user-friendly platform for your everyday legal needs.

Why is our mission important for every company in the world?

It's impossible to build and operate a successful business without solving legal challenges on a daily basis. From hiring, to generating sales, to data privacy, every part of a modern business needs to be underpinned by solid legal processes. Until now, establishing these processes has required businesses to invest large amounts of time and money in legal services. But it doesn’t need to be this way.

The good news is, most day-to-day legal work consists of simple, repetitive tasks that can easily be solved if you have powerful tools and high-quality, automated, templates without needing to make an expensive call to a law firm. 

Using PocketLaw will turn legal processes from barriers into boosters that will power your company’s growth without you needing to have access to expensive lawyers or capital.

The people on this mission

Realising this mission and forever changing how companies solve legal needs requires brilliant people, driven by an eagerness to challenge the status quo and push for change. Luckily, great people are the foundation of our business and we are able to draw on a leadership team which has developed deep and diverse experience working at companies such as Slack, Google, Spotify, Klarna, Mannheimer Swartling and Hogan Lovells.  

Co-headquartered in Stockholm and London, and with hubs across Europe, we have grown to help teams at over 6,000 SMEs, including BabyBjorn, Voi, Kry, and Estrid, optimise their legal processes.