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Next Generation Legal

We have seen how working smart with legal can accelerate company growth. Therefore, we are building the tools of tomorrow so you can handle legal yourself instantly. PocketLaw's mission is to empower companies to succeed - better, faster and safer than ever before by making legal accessible in our all-in-one solution.

We make legal available to everyone

Legal is embedded in every aspect of your business. Therefore, we believe that all companies should have access to legal support regardless of size, financial muscles and experience.

We take the companies' point of view and solve their challenges in a smarter and smoother way. PocketLaw can be used by anyone, regardless of whether you are a founder, CEO, HR, in-house lawyer or other.

A bunch of experts

Our team consists of experienced lawyers, software engineers, business developers and visionary entreprenuers. We are driven by the vision to simplify business operations, accelerate company growth and boost long-term success by changing the way companies consume legal.