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At Motatos, they challenge the thought of sustainable consumption. They want everyone to be able to contribute to saving our planet in an effortless way. At Motatos, they take care of already produced surplus goods, later selling them online at affordable prices.

What do you mainly use PocketLaw for?

We have given the organisation access to PocketLaw so that everyone can resolve legal issues that are of lower risk (eg. simpler agreements) without involving the legal team. This frees up time for the legal department, where we can prioritise the more strategic and high risk matters, but has also allowed us to improve processes and avoid bottlenecks. We are now gradually moving more of Legal's daily work onto the platform.

How did you handle your legal needs before?

Manually. Legal was involved in every case and there was a lot of back and forth, even with simple matters. For example, the legal department used to spend time individually creating and editing all of our influencer agreements, but now our marketing department can create, sign and store the agreements themselves. A real win-win for both departments!

What benefits have you experienced?

I think Pocketlaw is helpful for companies without an in-house lawyer who want to avoid spending a lot of money, but also companies that have an in-house department like us. PocketLaw allows people within the organisation to work more autonomously without compromising on quality, it means that the legal department can spend more of our time and expertise on more complicated matters. For us this is more fun and money better spent for the company.

What do you like the most?

Personally, I think it's cool to be involved and drive the legal solution of the future. I'm pretty sure that the legal industry will change greatly and that Pocketlaw is a player to keep an eye on!

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