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Collaborate in harmony.

Work as a team

Whether you're closing a deal, hiring someone, or working with a new vendor, legal is needed to get it done. That is why it should be easy for everyone to work with it.

Invite your colleagues to work with you in Pocketlaw.

Create a smooth workflow

No more legal back and forth. Let everything flow in Pocketlaw. Collaborate with colleagues and counter parties.

Set tasks, reminders, and deadlines for yourself and your colleagues. Never miss a deadline again.

Instant feedback

You can get instant feedback from colleagues on your contracts and agreements through our commenting feature.

Do you want feedback on an agreement from a person outside your own organisation? You can easily share an agreement and collect feedback from an external party.

Send it out

Once you have everything filled out perfectly, share it for feedback, or send it to get signed through our  fully integrated e-signing solution. We also support DocuSign and Scrive.

Start working smarter with legal.