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Contract Creation

Historically, contracts have been offered either through hourly rates by lawyers (expensive) or through digital template banks (a little less expensive). We have decided to make it a lot cheaper, easier and more sustainable. With PocketLaw you will be able to handle all your legal needs and get access to all essential templates in one solution.

Create agreements in minutes

Create bespoke legal agreements in minutes by answering simple questions online. We provide digital guidance throughout to ensure a smooth contract creation process.

Access all the templates you need

Save time and reduce risk by leveraging our extensive library of 100+ templates, that are developed by qualified lawyers. 

With intuitive questionnaires you are able to generate new and bespoke contracts.

E-signing capabilities

To ensure that the contract process is as smooth as possible we have integrations with the most common e-signing providers DocuSign and Scrive.

Getting contracts signed has never been easier - from creation to signature in one solution.