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Acceptable Use Policy
Advanced Subscription Agreement (ASA)
Adviser Agreement
Agreement for Entertainment, Speaking or Performance Services
Agreement for the supply of temporary workers
Agreement Regarding Cost of Employee Training
Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy
Articles of Association - Wholly Owned Subsidiary
Board Minutes - Administrative Matters
Board Minutes - Recording Share Transfer
Board Minutes - Signing Authorisation
Board minutes (transaction)
Build an Agreement
Collaboration Agreement - Framework
Collaboration Agreement - Project Specific
Confidentiality Agreement (NDA) - Discloser Friendly
Confidentiality Agreement (NDA) - Mutual
Confidentiality Agreement (NDA) - Simple
Consultancy Agreement
Consultancy Agreement - Consultant Friendly
Consultancy Agreement - Simple
Consumer Goods Terms and Conditions - Online
Contract Variation Agreement
Cookie Policy
Data processing agreement (DPA)
Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA)
Debt Collection - Letter Demanding Payment
Debt Collection - Statutory Demand - Individual Debtor
Delivery Policy
Director Loan Agreement
Director Resignation Letter
Disciplinary and Capability Procedure
Distribution (Reseller) Agreement
Domain Name Transfer Agreement
Drug and Alcohol Policy
EMI - Board Minutes
EMI - Option Agreement
EMI - Scheme Rules
EMI - Shareholder Resolution
Employee Dismissal Letter - Immediate Effect
Employment Contract - Casual or Zero-Hour Employee
Employment Contract - Fixed Term - Junior / Mid-Level Employee
Employment Contract - Fixed Term - Senior Employee
Employment Contract - Indefinite Term - Junior / Mid-Level Employee
Employment Contract - Indefinite Term - Senior Employee
Employment Contract - PocketLaw Standard
Employment Contract - Simple
Employment Contract Variation Letter
Engagement Letter
Equipment Hire and Lease Agreement
Event Sponsorship Agreement
Flexible working policy
Founders Agreement
Freelance Content Agreement
Gift Card T&Cs
Grievance Procedure
Guarantee Agreement - Loan
Health and Safety Policy
Holiday policy
Homeworking policy
Hybrid Working Policy
Influencer Agreement
Intellectual Property Assignment Agreement (Assignee Friendly)
Intercompany Services Agreement
Internal Data Protection Policy
Internship Agreement - Paid
Internship Agreement - Unpaid
Investment - Board Minutes
Investment - Shareholders Written Resolution
Investment Agreement - Seed Round
Letter following a Protected Conversation
Letter Informing Employee of Promotion and Salary Increase
Letter Informing Employee of Salary Increase
Letter of Intent (Memorandum of Understanding)
Letter to accompany Settlement Agreement
Letter to employee - participation in cash bonus scheme
Letter to request a reference
Letter to Transfer a Contract
Lost Share Certificate Indemnity
Menopause Policy
Notice of Postponement - Pension Enrolment
Obtain consent
Offer Letter
Patent Licence Agreement
Policy for Handling Personal Data Breaches
Power of Attorney
Privacy Notice for Employees, Workers and Consultants
Privacy policy (extensive)
Privacy Policy (simple)
Purchase Order Form
Record of Personal Data Breaches
Recruitment Agency - Letter of Introduction
Redundancy Letter - at risk of redundancy
Redundancy Letter - follow up after consultation
Redundancy Letter - termination of employment
Referral Agreement
Register of Directors and Company Secretary
Return Policy
Script for a Protected Conversation
Script for redundancy consultation meeting
Secondment Agreement
Secondment Letter
Services Agreement - B2B
Settlement Agreement
Share certificate
Share Issue - Board Minutes
Share Issue - Shareholders Written Resolution
Share Issue - Subscription Letter
Shareholders agreement
Shareholders Agreement - Deed of Adherence
Shareholders Written Resolution - Change Company Name
Shareholders Written Resolution - New Articles of Association
Shareholders Written Resolution - Subdivision of Shares (Share Split)
Sickness Absence Policy
Social Media Policy
Staff Handbook - Long Form
Staff Handbook - Short Form
Store Keyholder Agreement
Supplier Code of Conduct
Supply of Goods Agreement - Simple
Terminate a Contract
Termination Letter
Termination of Consultant
Terms & Conditions - Supply of Goods and Services - B2B (Supplier Friendly)
Terms & Conditions - Supply of Goods and Services - Online Business - Consumer
Terms and Conditions for Recruitment Agency
Terms of Service - B2B (non-SaaS)
Terms of Service - Consumers
Terms of Service - SaaS - B2B
Waiver of Pre-Emption Rights
Warrant Agreement
Website Terms of Use
Whistleblowing policy
Working Time Regulations Opt Out Letter

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