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Scale your legal knowledge

Automate repetitive tasks, and enable the organization to work with legal.

Clone yourself

Automate and scale your knowledge by leveraging PocketLaw’s guided contract creation. Use one of our templates or automate your own. Have our tool ask the repetitive questions, and ensure your colleagues fill out the right contract correctly.

Set the bar high

You don’t need to compromise quality to scale legal. With all your contracts uploaded and automated in PocketLaw, you can empower your teammates to work with legal while you stay in the driver’s seat.

Do what you were meant to do

With the extra time you get back from automation, you can focus on what really matters and have the impact you deserve. Focus on working proactively and on complex, higher-risk projects.

Save time, and focus on strategy.

  • Get updates on any changes in the law per market, and have automatically updated contract templates
  • Remove all low-complex admin tasks from your to-do list
  • Get more time for the higher-complexity, higher-risk projects