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It is time to leave the old manual way of working behind and leverage legal services in a smarter way. By automating everything that we do more than once and delegating certain low-risk/high volume tasks to the organisation, we allow lawyers to shine and maximise value for the business.

Work more autonomously without compromising on quality.

Legal departments spend >70% of their time on executing standardised repetitive contracts and documents that others could do by using the right tools.

PocketLaw allows lawyers to delegate tasks and still have control over what gets done and how. This saves time that can be spent on setting clearer strategies and implementing better standards throughout the organisation.

Read more about how the General Counsel of Motatos allows the organisation to work more autonomously with PocketLaw.

Smooth contract creation

Create bespoke legal agreements in minutes by answering simple questions online.

We provide digital guidance throughout to ensure a smooth contract creation process.

Eliminate legal as a blocker

Its easy to invite colleagues from across the organisation to work in PocketLaw. Control and limit access levels with ease.

Improve workflows by allowing your organisation to work more autonomously on projects and reduce lead time.

Always updated legal per local law

  • Corporate matters
  • Employment/Incentive
  • Commercial contracts
  • GDPR/compliance