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Legal Guidance & Support

Legal is a jungle - which is why PocketLaw is here to help you navigate, and empower you to solve your company's legal challenges yourself.

Solve legal challenges

With high-quality and up-to-date legal content you are now able to understand your company's legal needs and immediately get suggested actions to solve them.

Solve your company's day-to-day legal challenges easily - regardless of whether you are a founder, CEO, in-house lawyer or just someone with a laptop.

Speak to a lawyer

Speak to an experienced lawyer at one of our partner law firms to get bespoke legal advice on more complicated questions or challenges. We connect you with the relevant lawyer to address your specific issue. No hidden running costs, or fees.

Call & Check

Dreaming of having a team of lawyers to support you with your business' day-to-day challenges? With Call & Check, you can call an experienced lawyer for smaller questions (up to 15 minutes per question), an unlimited number of times each month.

  • Legal on-demand for a fixed price
  • Access to a team of experienced lawyers 
  • Unlimited number of sessions (up to 15 mins per session)