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Management & Operations

Maximise your growth opportunities by minimising admin and making sure everyone in the organisation has the best tools to get things done. You know your business, we know legal. PocketLaw allows you to automate your legal processes (HR, sales, corporate and compliance) in one cost efficient solution and you save time for the important stuff.

Get more done with less

Companies miss great opportunities every day by spending > 50% of their time on things that could be automated. With PocketLaw you implement a good standard across the organisation, allowing everyone to get the right legal in place in an easy manner.

Avoid bad templates that are not fit for purpose and human error. Read about how UK based accounting firm Williams Stanley & Co take control of all their legal with PocketLaw.

Eliminate legal as a blocker

Stay updated on important to-do’s and tasks. Never miss important deadlines with your own overview and dashboard.

Assign tasks and deadlines to colleagues and partners, ensuring a smooth workflow.

Save hours on admin

Create bespoke legal agreements in minutes by answering simple questions online.

We provide digital guidance throughout to ensure a smooth contract creation process.

Most common use cases

  • Employment / HR
  • Company admin
  • GDPR/Compliance
  • Commercial contracts