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Scale your business with legal

Let PocketLaw make legal a driver of business, not a bottleneck.

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Reduce admin, increase value

Invest your time and money into growing your business. PocketLaw has what you need to solve your everyday legal needs so you can focus on business and be confident in your legal processes.

Be one step ahead

With our template library, you never have to worry about keeping up with the law as it changes. We do that for you. All of our contract templates are created and updated by qualified lawyers, so you feel confident.

A legal source of truth

All of your contracts, across all markets, in one place. 300+ up-to-date contract templates at your fingertips. Let PocketLaw be your legal guide and contract source of truth.

Always be on top of legal

  • Access to market specific contract templates.
  • Contract templates that are up-to-date with local laws.
  • Access to legal experts when you need it.