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Marketing & Sales

Don't let contract admin and legal processes block potential sales deals or the execution of marketing campaigns. With PocketLaw you can close deals faster, collaborate better and enable projects in an effective and safe way (and best part, your legal colleagues will love it).

Get more done quicker and better

PocketLaw is bridging the gap between departments by allowing Marketing & Sales to work autonomously on important deals and projects without causing legal headaches.

Read more about how Motatos improve internal processes and efficiency within their Marketing and Legal department with PocketLaw.

Eliminate legal as a blocker

Create bespoke legal agreements in minutes by answering simple questions online.

We provide digital guidance throughout to ensure a smooth contract creation process.

Get instant approval

You can get instant feedback from colleagues on your contracts and agreements through our commenting feature.

Do you want feedback on an agreement from a person outside your own organisation? You can easily share an agreement and collect feedback from an external party.

Most used agreements

  • Collaboration Agreements
  • Influencer Agreements
  • NDAs
  • Purchase Order forms