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People & HR

We believe that you need to spend all your time on your employees - both new ones and existing. PocketLaw allows you to maximise your time on what really matters by eliminating unnecessary admin.

Deal with hiring (and firing) better and smarter

HR is facing the biggest challenge of all - finding and retaining the best employees.

HR departments normally spend more than 60% of their time on admin. This will NOT make your employees happy at work and will not feed you with new team members. Read about how ARC Club manage to stay on top of hiring with PocketLaw.

Eliminate legal as a blocker

Save time and reduce risk by leveraging our extensive library of 100+ templates, that are developed by qualified lawyers.

With intuitive questionnaires you are able to generate new and bespoke contracts in minutes.

Save hours on admin

Modern HR Departments don't have time to waste on contract admin and juggling multiple tools.

With PocketLaw you and your department can put the focus back on building the team.

Most used agreements

  • Employment Agreements
  • Termination agreements
  • Incentive agreements (options/warrants)
  • Consultancy Agreements
  • Privacy notice for employees
  • Offer Letter