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Grow your team, not your legal work.

Spend time building your dream team, not legal admin.

Don’t miss out on talent

HR is facing a big challenge - finding and retaining the best employees. So it is important to have a solution that reduces admin work, and allows the department to put the focus back on building a team.

No more legal bottleneck

HR departments do not have time to waste. Create a contract made to fit your needs in minutes. Use your company’s approved contract templates or our ready-made ones, and get that person hired!

Up-to-date employment agreements

With our template library, you do not have to worry about keeping up with the law as it changes. We do that for you. All our contract templates are created and updated by qualified lawyers, so you can be confident you are using the most up-to-date one.

A great place to work

Create a workplace that people love. Pocketlaw helps you create clear, fair policies and processes regarding hiring, firing, vacation policies, and more. We provide recommendations on the standards per market so you can focus on the people.

    Start working smarter with legal.