2023: Time to grow your company more efficiently


Feb 28, 2023

Maintaining a healthy team not only increases productivity and efficiency, it also reduces absences from work. Two major factors for workplace productivity are employee wellbeing and a healthy work environment.

The economic argument for investing in employee mental health is clear with an average ROI of 5.30 to 1, according to Deloitte Mental Health Report 2022. Companies are using company policies, wellbeing, and mental health perks and programs to improve organizational culture. Policies such as flexible working policies and remote/hybrid solutions are no longer seen as “nice-to-haves” in the post-pandemic world. Employees often expect these policies and practices as a minimum, and would often consider a company’s perks and policies when choosing a job.

PocketLaw provides you with best practices and attractive company policies to make sure your employees remain engaged. Strategic and accessible company policies provide employees with an understanding of what is required of them, their rights, the internal processes, the company’s values, and priorities. This, in turn, fosters a trusting work environment, thereby reducing stress. 

In addition to the traditional policies that address physical health, employers should be conscious of the impact of mental health on the workforce’s overall wellness and performance. Whilst having a clear smoking, alcohol or drugs policy, enable health and insurance policies to deliver a positive environment at work, it’s important not to forget about mental health, which is often a “hidden” health issue.

It is unsurprising that 2022 has brought new challenges for our mental health. Stress-related mental ill-health is increasing in workplaces and accounts for a large part of sick leave. According to a Gallup study, one third of all workers always or very often feel burned-out at work, having major implications for both the employee and the organization as a whole. The World Health Organization states that 14.6% of the global adult population live with a mental disorder. The pandemic brought about an increase of 25% in anxiety and depression. An increase that Sweden's largest digital mental health provider, Mindler, experienced in the form of increased demand for psychological treatment. PocketLaw and Mindler agree that working to prevent mental health issues by acting early is an effective way of combating the number of mental ill-health cases in the workplace, as well as a way to increase productivity and wellbeing at work. By giving your employees the tools and access to address and work with their mental health, you will be providing them with the opportunity to identify and cope with their problems before they become more serious.  

Use tools such as PocketLaw and Mindler to create an appealing, healthy and productive company culture by maintaining a healthy workforce. 

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