Be ready for expansion with Pocketlaw - NICKS


I'm the group CEO for Nicks so responsible for the business here in Europe in the US and we also have a factory in Macedonia.

Nicks is a company that manufactures and sells snacking products, everything from ice cream to protein bars to confectionary bars. The challenges we Face here at Nicks while we have grown so fast both from a business standpoint but also from an organizational standpoint has been to ensure that we keep up to date with the latest both from a legal standpoint and from an HR related standpoint. The process today with Pocketlaw has meant that we could automatize a lot of flows and a lot of contractual work, this has led to less errors for us, we have definitely saved both money and time because the platform is so intuitive that it's very easy for me to just hand out accesses to the employees and for them to go in and handle their own matters by themselves.

What I really love about Pocketlaw is that the support is so active and quick to get them back on responses we've had very different questions both on contractual matters but also on pure legal matters that might not be for a contract and we always get the quick support and that I appreciate a lot. One good example of help we have received from Pocketlaw beyond just contracts was when we were setting up our stock option program and whereas I went to the support and asked them to implement a couple of changes they started challenging me on, okay but what type of stock options should you have, what should the vesting periods be, how should people be able to be eligible for it, and so on. I always like the fact that you don't only get the transactional support but you can also get strategic support from a legal point of view.

As CEO it's very easy to end up in a very administrative role you have to focus on a lot of both HR and legal related tasks such as contracts, making sure everything is right and so on. My role is of course to build a business build a bigger company so by taking away and automating a lot of these processes I am allowed to spend more time with my team and build a fantastic brand of Nicks.