ARC Club

The London based shared space and professional resource ARC Club can be described as somewhere in between a coffee shop, an office, a community centre and your local library. ARC Club also use PocketLaw to ensure that their business is on top of all legal matters and receive much needed support as they scale.

What do you mainly use Pocketlaw for?

At ARC Club we use Pocketlaw to create all of our standard contracts and policy documents for our team. We are also using it to store all of our legal documentation in preparation for fundraising.

What benefits have you experienced?

Definitely money saved. Definitely angst saved. Pocketlaw gives us the best of all worlds by letting us be aware of and in control of legal agreements with staff, members and partners. It’s very comforting for me to be able to be in complete control of what we are agreeing to as an organisation with the safety net of proper legal expertise baked in.

How did you previously handle your legal needs?

We had a law firm on retainer and paid big lump sums for the simplest of standard documents, like contracts or terms of use policies.

What do you like the most?

I've been able to create all our HR policies and our Employee Handbook without external support, which helps us to be completely on top of looking after our staff and being on the right side of the law from day one of hiring. This isn't a small feat for a start-up, and getting it wrong can bite us in the bum down the line!