How Earthly revolutionised their legal processes and increased efficiency


Jul 12, 2023

Jade Bouhmouch, the CFO of Earthly, took charge of revolutionising the company's legal processes by adopting Pocketlaw's all-in-one legal platform. As a result, commercial teams have saved countless hours on contracts and the need for external legal counsel for standard documents has been significantly reduced.

  • 90% - Cost saved on their latest contract alone

  • 30 minutes - From contract draft to finish

With Pocketlaw, Earthly has successfully revamped its legal operations, enabling everyone to focus on their core mission of driving environmental sustainability while minimising legal headaches.

Managing legal before Pocketlaw was messy and expensive 

Without an in-house legal function, the burden of legal work fell on Jade, the CFO, and other upper management roles. Seeking external legal counsel became the norm, but Earthly knew there had to be a smarter solution. They needed tools to streamline processes and the knowledge to work faster and more cost-effectively. Continually relying on external sources for all things legal was neither sustainable nor savvy.

90% cost saving on fundraising agreements

When Earthly launched its latest funding round, Jade needed Investor Agreement (IA) documents prepared. In the past, Earthly relied on external law firms, resulting in costly and lengthy back-and-forth processes to finalise the IA. For this new round, Earthly utilised the IA template from Pocketlaw's library. In just 30 minutes, they created and shared their IA with investors. The only cost incurred was their Pocketlaw subscription.

Everything in one place 

With Pocketlaw, all changes and updates were easily tracked within one document, promoting efficient collaboration and seamless communication. No more confusion with multiple version downloads. Earthly also struggled with maintaining a centralised repository for all legal documents. By using Pocketlaw, they can easily upload and store all their legal documents in a secure data room. They can search and access the documents they need within seconds.

Autonomy & efficiency for the commercial team

Pocketlaw has not just been a massive help for Earthly, it has also provided the commercial team, and research team with more speed and autonomy when executing their contracts. Pocketlaw's platform empowered Earthly to rely on the commercial team for preparing contracts, eliminating the need for the CFO or an external law firm to handle and review every contract. Now, NDAs, hiring contracts, sales contracts, and much more can all be handled with efficiency and ease.

Earthly also relies on Pocketlaw's template library and legal checklist to stay compliant with legal requirements, avoiding the risk of overlooking important regulations or new laws affecting their jurisdiction. With no in-house legal team, Pocketlaw offers an essential tool for Earthly to navigate their legal obligations effectively. 

Please note: Pocketlaw is not a substitute for an attorney or law firm. So, should you have any legal questions on the content of this page, please get in touch with a qualified legal professional.

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