Williams Stanley & Co


Feb 16, 2022

Williams Stanley and Co have been established for over ten years, specialising in the hospitality sector by providing bookkeeping, payroll and accounts services, offering bespoke advice and support across the UK. Williams Stanley & Co are now in total control of all their legal thanks to Pocketlaw.

What do you mainly use PocketLaw for?

Pocketlaw has automated a selection of our contracts that we regularly use for our customers. Previously we were using word templates to create documents and inevitably the wrong contract would be used, or a mistake would be made. With Pocketlaw we can be confident in the quality of the documents we are producing.

We have also used PocketLaw for our internal agreements and have particularly benefited from the depth of the HR offering.

How did you handle your legal needs before?

We used to handle our legal needs either through law firms or templates in word documents.

What benefits have you experienced?

Automating our contract creation process has saved us huge amounts of time and money across the business. The ability to have multiple users coupled with the user friendliness of the platform means that junior members of the organisation can own the process from document creation through to signing.

We have also benefited from saving documents on PocketLaw - having all our legal saved in one place means things don’t get lost or misplaced. We now feel in control of all our legal.

What do you like the most?

We love the user friendliness - it’s great when you are able to start using a product immediately. It’s also fantastic to be able to solve such a variety of challenges (from employment through to GDPR) in
one platform.

Please note: Pocketlaw is not a substitute for an attorney or law firm. So, should you have any legal questions on the content of this page, please get in touch with a qualified legal professional.

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