From a fragmented system to a streamlined workflow


Aug 16, 2023

Teya has transformed their legal operations from a fragmented and time consuming system to a streamlined and efficient workflow in just months. Here is how.

Pocketlaw has proved a valuable asset for Teya's Senior Legal Counsel, Lorna Khemraz, enabling her and the team to focus on supporting business matters and improving legal operational efficiency. 

By leveraging Pocketlaw, Teya has been able to:

  1. Standardise and maintain control over their most common contracts such as partnership and intra-group agreements.

  2. Increase control over legal documentation by providing a legal source of truth. 

  3. Significantly reduce time required for document creation, review and signing.

  4. Increase autonomy for the organisation and delegate legal work while maintaining both quality and control.

Before Pocketlaw

Lack of a consolidated approach

Before implementing Pocketlaw, Teya’s legal team struggled with disparate systems, a lack of standardisation, and time-consuming processes.

Back in early 2021, legal matters were primarily handled through Slack, lacking a consolidated and streamlined approach. Jira was subsequently implemented to log and track tickets, categorise issues, and identify the teams involved.

In search for a legal management solution

Initially, much of the legal work was focused on M&A activities. As Teya grew, so did their legal needs. The legal team could no longer spend hours going back and forth on low complexity and low value contract negotiations. It was clear that the legal team was not spending their time effectively. Teya needed a centralised system and a standardised approach to contract drafting, management, and storage. Recognising the need for a comprehensive legal management solution, Teya adopted Pocketlaw to address its challenges and improve efficiency.

“A partnership agreement can now be drafted, negotiated, and signed in as little as 2 days. Before the automation, legal support on partnership documents was extensive, ranging between 2 weeks and up to 2 months.” 

Lorna Khemraz, Senior Legal Counsel at Teya

Adoption of Pocketlaw

Standardised contract bank

With Pocketlaw, Lorna and her team created a standardised contract bank ensuring consistency and control over the drafting process. This allowed Teya to achieve uniformity across the organisation, making it easier to maintain high standards and reduce the risk of errors in the contract creation process. Which has allowed Teya to provide more autonomy to the rest of the organisation when it comes to their legal needs. 

51 active users

Pocketlaw has helped facilitate seamless collaboration, communication, and document sharing within the legal team and all other departments involved in legal matters. With 51 active users, Lorna and the legal team have been able to delegate legal tasks and needs while maintaining control over legal quality and processes.

“We standardised the contracting process for the partnerships team by preparing a set of template terms and providing access to [Pocketlaw]. Now, simple agreements require 15 mins oflegal time. More complex agreements require 1 hour of legal time max.”

Lorna Khemraz, Senior Legal Counsel at Teya


Teya’s legal team has leveraged Pocketlaw’s bank of templates to simplify the process of drafting legal documents. The templates are used as a basis for ad-hoc document drafting requests, where Teya does not have a standard template. This considerably reduces the turnaround time of such requests, and free time for the legal team to focus on more high-value tasks.

The legal team has also leveraged Pocketlaw to automate standard partnership agreements, employment contracts, intra-group agreements and compliance documents. This automation reduced the time required to create a partnership agreement from 2-8 weeks to just 2 days.


Pocketlaw has also provided Teya with a centralized repository for their legal documents. Having streamlined storage allows quick and easy access to relevant legal documents, eliminating the hassle of searching through multiple systems and risk of not knowing where important documents are stored.

With Pocketlaw, Teya has unlocked the potential for growth and success, ensuring a simplified, straightforward, and seamless legal management experience.

“Pocketlaw has allowed us to serve our organisation better through document standardisation, contract automation, CLM, and tracking of key dates. The platform combines key functionalities under one umbrella tool and is powered by a brilliant team of engineers, lawyers who are coding proficient, account managers who genuinely care about their customer’s journey, and founders who are dedicated, solution-driven, creative, and always inviting feedback.” 

Lorna Khemraz, Senior Legal Counsel at Teya

About Pocketlaw & AWS

Pocketlaw deployed on Amazon Web Services (AWS) allows customers to harness the full power of cloud through industry leading AWS security and scalability. AWS' services provides the backbone for a robust, secure, and efficient cloud infrastructure, enabling Pocketlaw's customers to revolutionise its their operations through the platform. The use of AWS cloud services allows for a flexible and responsive system that could adapt to varying workloads and legal requirements, facilitating departmental autonomy in handling legal tasks.

Please note: Pocketlaw is not a substitute for an attorney or law firm. So, should you have any legal questions on the content of this page, please get in touch with a qualified legal professional.

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