How Alva Labs scaled their organisation with Pocketlaw


Oct 12, 2022


Alva Labs is a platform for fair recruitment where we help companies identify and hire great talent.

It's been really helpful to have a partner that we can discuss and really get improvements and suggestion on how we can be better and that makes me sleep better at night knowing that we're scaling the company in a way that's actually making sense and that won't come back and hurt us at the end.

I love the fact that we have saved time saved money and that we're now in control of our legal costs and challenges but also the fact that we can externally look like a serious company really early on so even in the start-up phase when we didn't really know how to handle this Pocketlaw helped us look good. The fact that we've been using Pocketlaw since we were a small company, we were like 20 people now we're over 75, I don't know exactly the implications I just know that we wouldn't be the same company today without Pocketlaw because it's enabled so much of our growth and made a huge impact to how we've scaled our organization.

For the last two years Pocketlaw has been my go-to solution to create a really seamless candidate experience so going from candidate to hired has been very efficient thanks to Pocketlaw.

I would recommend Pocketlaw because it's really helpful when you're on a growth journey scaling organization is challenging and you need to have the right tools to do so in a good way I would definitely not want to do the same journey that I've been on without Pocketlaw.

Please note: Pocketlaw is not a substitute for an attorney or law firm. So, should you have any legal questions on the content of this page, please get in touch with a qualified legal professional.

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