New updates and improvements to Pocketlaw.

Jun 5, 2024

The Prompt Library
We are pleased to introduce a new feature in PLAI: the Prompt Library. Located just below the chat area, the Prompt Library offers a collection of well-curated prompts to assist you in asking important questions about your contract. You can create, edit, and delete prompts, keep them private, or share them with your organization. Custom labels also enable easy browsing and searching.

Enhanced Styling of PLAI Responses and Input
PLAI responses now have improved styling, particularly for answers that include sub-bullet points, making the information clearer and more visually appealing. The chat input box also automatically grows if your input text is long.

Improved Search Experience
The search pop-up is much more interactive now and finds more relevant documents related to your search query. You can also navigate the results with the arrow keys and quickly go to the document you are looking for. Also the search results page doesn't show unwanted markups in the search result. Try it with cmd+k shortcut

General Stability Improvements
We've made numerous stability improvements across the product, ensuring a smoother and more reliable experience.We're also working full speed on exciting new features around Contract Review with Playbooks, Contract Intelligence, and Global PLAI, currently behind feature flags.

May 16, 2024

Enhanced Contract Creation Experience: Creating contracts based on templates is now much more delightful. The new template-picker pop-up displays templates as cards, allowing you to filter by categories, languages and what has been added by your company with a single click. Then you can preview the contract and have a glance to see if its the contract you are looking for before jumping into the creation journey.

New "All Documents" Sidebar Item: We've added a new item in the sidebar called "All Documents," which shows all documents available on the platform without the folder structure. In this view, you can filter documents using the metadata we've added in the past few months and save these filters as custom views for quick access from the sidebar. For example, you can filter documents by auto-renewable=true, owner="yourself," and termination date before 2024-12-31, then name it "Documents Renewing in 2024." Then you can access this shortcut with one click from the sidebar.

General Cosmetic Updates: We've made several cosmetic enhancements to the product, resulting in overall smoother navigation with significantly reduced page reloading. Additionally, menus now open with a touch of animation.