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Unlock contract clarity in seconds with our advanced AI document summariser tool. Simplify legal jargon effortlessly.

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At Pocketlaw, we're constantly striving to reshape the future of legal. We're excited to share a significant milestone in our journey—the launch of our AI-powered Document Summariser feature.

Improve your contract understanding with our AI Document Summariser

Navigating through complex contracts can be daunting. That's why we offer our ground-breaking solution to simplify this process for you. Our AI Document Summariser is designed to bring you clear, concise contract summaries in a matter of seconds - allowing you to make informed decisions without sifting through pages of legal jargon.

Streamlining legal understanding

With the Summarise Document feature, there's no need to waste time copying and pasting text into another tool. Instead, upload your legal documents directly to the Pocketlaw platform to receive a summary overview within seconds.

The best part? There are no limitations on document length, meaning you can get a summary of the entire document, no matter how lengthy it may be.

  • Automated keyword extraction

  • Quick summary generation

  • Easy-to-understand language

Make your contracts digestible with our AI Document Summariser

Never get bogged down by dense contractual language again. Our AI Text Summarisation technology scans through complex documents, identifying and extracting the most critical information. You get a succinct summary containing all the key points you need to know, all in a matter of seconds. Our AI Document Summariser tool uses cutting-edge algorithms to provide you with a comprehensive summary of any contract. These algorithms enable you to understand the nuances without spending hours reading through multiple pages.

Why choose our AI-powered solutions?

Our AI Contract Summariser makes your life easier for several reasons, a sample of which consists of:

It is now time to say goodbye to legalese and hello to straightforward. Our easy-to-understand summaries will make your contracts easy to understand and comprehend in a matter of seconds by highlighting the key points, even in the small print.

Our AI Document Summariser tool is engineered to save you time and save you hours to accomplish the same task you would need to do manually.

Your documents are protected with our top-tier encryption, ensuring total legal confidentiality. Consequently, these documents are not publicly available and can be deleted at any time from your account.

Organisation and Collaboration
Once uploaded and summarised, your document can then be organised and managed efficiently, as well as shared with trusted stakeholders to collaborate on if you so wish.

Not Used to train AI Learning Models
We understand that passing confidential contracts and documents to an AI can be a nervous time - because many AI's use your documents to improve their AI learning models. With our AI contract summariser, you can be assured that we do not use your documents to train our AI models. This means your data remains your data and won't be found elsewhere online after you upload and summarise them.

Empowering Informed Decisions
In the realm of legal affairs, time is of the essence. Our Document Summarise feature equips legal and non-legal teams with the tools to make informed decisions faster than ever before. Rather than spending valuable time unravelling lengthy contracts, users can efficiently discern critical details, saving you and your team valuable time.

The Pocketlaw promise

At Pocketlaw, we're committed to democratising legal, making it more accessible, efficient, and automated. The AI Document Summariser feature is a testament to this commitment, and we're only getting started. Stay tuned for more updates and enhancements as we continue to innovate and reshape the future of legal.

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