Introducing the Approval Workflow


Aug 30, 2023

Confidently delegate and scale contract creation across the organisation without jeopardising control or compliance.

With the Approval Workflow, you can pre-define trusted approvers for specific contract templates. This allows you to involve more teams in legal processes, knowing that each contract will be thoroughly reviewed and approved before proceeding to eSigning. Here's how it works:

  1. Assign your approvers: Admins in the Pocketlaw app select one or several templates to apply the approval workflow. Each template can have one or multiple assigned approvers - you choose whether the document requires approval from all approvers or just one.

  2. Notify appointed approvers: Designated approvers automatically receive an email after being assigned, informing them of their role and responsibility to review and approve contracts created from their assigned template(s).

  3. Trigger an approval request: Whenever a template with an approval requirement is used, the user drafting the document receives a notification that approval is needed. When ready, an approval request can be triggered directly from the platform. Assigned approver(s) will receive an email requesting them to review the document and ultimately have the option to reject or approve it.

  4. Avoid double-work: If any changes are made to the draft during the approval process, users are informed that the current approval process will be canceled, and a new approval request will be required. This ensures that the assigned approver approves the final version of the document.

  5. Confidently proceed to eSigning: The contract creator receives an email as soon as the assigned approver either rejects or approves the document. If approved, the creator can proceed by adding relevant signing parties and continue to eSign.

Curious to know more or try it yourself? The Approval Workflow is available as an add on feature. Register your interest to know more and we’ll be in touch.

Please note: Pocketlaw is not a substitute for an attorney or law firm. So, should you have any legal questions on the content of this page, please get in touch with a qualified legal professional.

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