AWS trusts us, why wouldn't you?

From now on, anyone looking to elevate their legal operations can seamlessly access Pocketlaw through AWS Marketplace.

Discover, purchase, and integrate our all-in-one legal platform seamlessly with AWS Marketplace. At Pocketlaw, we are dedicated to simplifying and democratising legal. Our status as a vetted legal-tech partner of AWS, accessible through AWS Marketplace, underscores our steadfast mission to improve the accessibility and efficiency of legal processes.

Why the availability of Pocketlaw in AWS Marketplace is a game-changer.

Not only is our AWS Marketplace availability a verification of trust and security, purchasing Pocketlaw through AWS Marketplace will also simplify invoice management and reduce procurement time. Here's how.

Billing made easy
AWS Marketplace consolidates software charges into one clear invoice, streamlining finances and enhancing cost transparency. Free your team from the hassle of juggling multiple monthly invoices and let them focus on more productive tasks.

Accelerated Procurement
Leverage AWS' procurement framework for faster, hassle-free transactions. Purchasing via AWS Marketplace seamlessly integrates into your AWS invoice, saving time and reducing administrative complexity. Standard contracting terms eliminate vendor vetting, ideal for simplifying enterprise procurement.

A Prioritised Focus on Security
AWS has conducted comprehensive vulnerability scanning and usability tests, ensuring an additional layer of assurance for our customers regarding the safety and reliability of our platform. Security is paramount in the legal sector, and the AWS collaboration fortifies our commitment to providing a safe and trustworthy legal technology solution.

Trust us to be your all-in-one legal solution.

To celebrate Pocketlaw being trusted and available through AWS Marketplace, we are offering an exclusive discount for all subscriptions via AWS Marketplace for a limited time only. For more information about Pocketlaw, the exclusive discount and our availability through AWS Marketplace, get in touch with us today.