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Embrace the Power of Legal AI and Transform your Legal Processes

Read about Pocketlaw’s Legal AI features and get some top tips for implementing AI within your legal processes.

Discover how Pocketlaw's groundbreaking legal AI features are reshaping not only the landscape for in-house lawyers but transforming the entire spectrum of business functions. From HR and Sales to Procurement, our AI-driven tools are revolutionising traditional processes and propelling businesses into the cutting-edge realms of efficiency and innovation.

In an era dominated by AI, it's time for a positive shift in how we approach legal processes. Embracing change doesn't just benefit in-house lawyers; it unlocks a world of possibilities for everyone involved in the business. 

Don't miss out on the game-changing potential of our AI-powered features. Learn more about Pocketlaw's transformative impact on legal processes and discover invaluable tips for seamlessly integrating AI across your business functions.

Pocketlaw is the most powerful and intuitive legal platform, powered by AI.

Pocketlaw’s legal AI-powered features are designed not to replace you as a lawyer, but to act as your useful legal assistant - simplifying and automating your contract processes.  AI won't supplant lawyers, but legal professionals harnessing the power of AI will distinguish themselves.

We combine artificial intelligence with a really intuitive user experience, providing an accessible and functional tool for everyone in your business.

Our advanced AI features cover the end-to-end contract process

Helping you along the way with contract drafting, reviewing, negotiation, signing and storage. 

We are currently offering these tools:

  • PLAI Assistant - You can interact with Pocketlaw’s AI Assistant like a chatbot to ask a question about the contract or a selection of text within the contract, in whatever language you want. We have built in pre-defined actions for contract summary, Q&A, translations and clause drafting - to support you with the contract drafting, review and negotiation process, as well as understanding post-signing what you can or cannot do under the contract. You can also customise PLAI to provide answers based on your company’s standards, rules and playbook.

  • Contract Review & Redlining - Use this feature when reviewing and negotiating contracts. Powered by AI, you can get an automatic review of your contract based on your company’s playbook and guidelines. It will also support you in implementing those changes within the document - reducing your contract review turnaround time and making negotiation a slicker process.

  • Metadata tagging - This feature, which has the highest accuracy in the market, automatically identifies and extracts key data within your contracts giving you a quick overview of important information , it also helps you to search, filter and navigate through your documents. You can use it when uploading your contracts in bulk to automatically extract metadata, efficiently categorise a large number of documents and maximise its full potential. It also informs your personalised dashboard graphs showing real-time insights into your legal documents.

How does it all work? 

Navigating the emerging AI and tech world can feel overwhelming, and the prospect of embracing these advancements within such a fast-paced environment like an in-house legal team is daunting. 

However, we have purposefully designed Pocketlaw with this in mind - with a heavy focus on simple usability and scalability across your entire business. 

We apply natural language machine learning with a large language model (LLM). Our technology identifies patterns and key phrases within contracts, allowing for efficient information extraction, drafting and contract review.

Why is it a game-changer and what's the value for you?

Streamlined processes, artificial intelligence and automated functions will completely overhaul the way your legal and business teams create, review, negotiate, sign and manage contracts. 

With Pocketlaw’s all-in-one platform you can automate your whole legal and contract processes. This means less repetitive admin and faster contracting - allowing your team to dedicate their brain power towards high-value legal tasks that genuinely demand their expertise and input. 

Faster contracting

With Pocketlaw’s legal AI-powered features, you can draft, review and summarise your contracts faster.

  • Draft: ask PLAI a question about your contract or a specific clause and get immediate tailored suggestions to improve your wording and easily refine it according to your needs. 

  • Review: turnaround your contract reviews super fast. Highlight key clauses that require a more detailed review and easily detect derivation from your standard terms. 

  • Summarise: ask PLAI to summarise your contracts and individual clauses, to quickly explain complex legal terms to your business teams and get the necessary approvals fast.

Intuitive design enables seamless, business-wide collaboration

Pocketlaw is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly for lawyers and non-lawyers alike. So you can collaborate with your sales, HR, procurement and finance teams to get contracts signed quicker and business done faster. 

But don’t worry, you will also use our granular and advanced permission structure to manage access to confidential or commercially sensitive info as well as any approvals, to ensure your legal team still has overall control and oversight.

Identify and manage your risks

As problem solvers, lawyers are constantly assessing and analysing contracts for potential risks that may occur throughout the lifecycle of the contract. We foresee potential difficulties and disputes and advise on various risk mitigation strategies to protect the business. 

Pocketlaw’s AI-powered features can be customised according to your company’s parameters, guardrails and limitations. For example, if your business should only contract under English governing law, PLAI will flag any unapproved jurisdiction clauses and will show you the only pre-approved options you can use.

Another example, if your contracts require a non-assignability clause to prevent any unauthorised transfers of contractual obligations, Pocketlaw’s AI-powered features will identify where this wording has been excluded, show you that it is a ‘not approved’ contract and then provide a simple option to add your pre-approved clause in.

AI-powered intelligent insights for business reporting and efficiency metrics

With our AI-powered automated tagging tool you can smoothly upload your files and our auto-tagging feature will automatically identify and tag key pieces of information from them. 

You will then have an easy way to sort, filter and navigate through your contracts. It also automatically creates proactive insights for your personalised dashboard, highlighting contractual risks and important milestones. 

You’ll never miss a date!

For example, our AI tool will identify contract value and termination dates. You can then view in your dashboard how many contracts are coming up for renegotiation or renewal before year-end, their financial importance to the business and use this information to be on the front foot in reporting to directors about commercial renegotiations that need to take place, and for future team planning and work allocation.

You’ve heard about the benefits, now read our top tips for adopting AI in your business

Be open to and embrace change

Maximising the benefits of legal tech AI must begin with a mindset shift. In-house legal teams need to be open to change their ways of working. If you are leading an in-house team, acknowledge and embed this attitude within your team, encouraging them that innovation and change is a catalyst for progress and long-term success. If you are a junior, start the conversation in your team meetings.  

With a proactive approach, legal teams can position themselves as adaptable and forward-thinking - laying the foundation for improving legal processes and better business results.

Start with one tool and one provider

A strategic approach to this starts with simplicity. Begin by selecting one tool and one provider that aligns with your business needs and goals.

Opting for an all-in-one solution like Pocketlaw is the best approach. Using a single platform for various contract functionalities means seamless integration across the entire contract lifecycle. In-house teams can streamline and simplify their day-to-day workflow without the headaches associated with managing multiple tools and tech providers. 

Constantly evaluate 

Implementing AI solutions demands a team commitment to change and improvement. It’s important to measure the effectiveness and efficiency of the tools you’ve adopted by setting clear performance metrics. 

You can evaluate key legal team metrics such as time saved in reviewing contracts, length of time to negotiate and sign contracts, responsiveness of the legal team and improvements in overall workflow.  

Regularly assessing the impact of your legal AI tool will provide actionable insights allowing you to refine your strategies and optimise your processes.

Communicate with your colleagues to maximise value across the business

Both the legal team and your business colleagues should benefit from the technology - so make sure you keep an open dialogue to bridge these two and ensure the tool meets the diverse needs of the business.

Encouraging feedback and insights from your colleagues can help to refine the tool’s functionality and ensure you are deriving maximum value from it to meet broader business objectives. 

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