All you need to know about E-signing

Do everything from contract creation to getting it signed, sealed, and delivered without ever having to leave PocketLaw. Implement PocketLaw’s e-signing tool, or use one of our integrations, to work seamlessly with the contract lifecycle.

Pocketlaws own e-signing
With our native solution there is no need for additional e-signing providers. Our e-signing is included in all of our paid plans. To get started, upgrade to a paid plan in your account, or reach out to us in the chat, or talk to your Customer Success Manager.

The following features and functionalities are included:

  • You can use Pocketlaw’s e-signing with documents that you’ve created within the platform, as well as with documents that you’ve created and filled out outside of the platform. To sign a contract created outside of PocketLaw, simply upload the document into the platform. 

  • Add attachments to the agreement during the e-signing process.

  • Add one or several parties to participate in the e-signing process. The following roles are available:

    • Signing party: A person who will sign the document

    • Non-signing party: A person who will get information about the signing process through e-mail but will not be able or required to sign the document 

  • Signature type: When adding a signing party, the user can decide whether the person should sign only through e-mail or if additional authentication should be required. Currently, only Swedish Bank-ID is available as an authentication method.
    The signature types offered fulfill the requirements in the EU directive on e-signing (eIDAS). 

  • Signing order: The user can specify in which order the signing requests are sent to signees for a document. If this is not specified, the document will be sent out to all signatories simultaneously. 

  • Share the signed document with signing parties by e-mail. The signed contract is also automatically uploaded and stored as a new version of the document in PocketLaw. 

  • The status of the document in Pocketlaw will be updated during the signing process. 

Integrations with other providers 

In addition to our own e-signing solution we have an integration with Scrive and DocuSign. If your company wants to connect one of these providers to your PocketLaw account you need to create a subscription with that provider*. Limitations linked to the integrations with other providers: 

  • You can only connect one account to your PocketLaw account. This means that all users in PocketLaw will be sending documents from the same sender/account in Scrive or DocuSign. 

  • You cannot set a signing order. 

  • We only offer simple e-signature (approve by e-mail) 

  • If you use Scrive we provide BankID.

*All questions about prices and plans will be answered by the external providers. 

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