Keep calm with Tasks & Reminders


Jan 17, 2023

Tasks and reminders are the easiest way of remembering to complete that thing that usually slips to the back of your mind.

Pocketlaw has made it easy for you to connect your email, calendar and messaging systems such as Slack and Teams, so you don’t need to worry about remembering to do the task until the date you’ve set yourself a reminder. You can also use this functionality to collaborate with your team by assigning tasks and reminders.

How to add tasks & reminders to your agreements
You can add as many tasks and reminders to an agreement as you’d like, you can set different reminder dates and also add a due date.

To add your tasks and reminders, follow the steps below:

  1.  Once you have created your agreement, you will see the ‘Tasks - add tasks and reminders’ button to the right on your screen.

  2. A menu will appear, where you can now add your tasks by clicking on the +Add button.

  3. You’ll get a pop up which will prompt you to fill out all of the relevant information for your task.

  4. Fill in the details and you will see the task in the To-do box. Once you have finished with your task, you can click on the empty square to the left of the text to add a tick, which will then move the task from the To-do box to the Completed box (if you tick it by accident, you can remove it from the Completed box by unticking).

  5. You can also filter and arrange your tasks, to do this, select the drop down menu below To-do and Completed.

  6. To edit or delete a task, simply select the three dots to the right of the task you wish to amend.

  7. To view all tasks and reminders you have created for each agreement, you can go to the Pocketlaw overview page, and see the Tasks section, you can also filter and arrange tasks here.

Please note: Pocketlaw is not a substitute for an attorney or law firm. So, should you have any legal questions on the content of this page, please get in touch with a qualified legal professional.

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