The Importance of Building Your Data Room


Jan 23, 2023

Use Pocketlaw’s Document Storage and leverage Access levels to maximise collaboration and ensure the security of sensitive documents.

Fundraising, regulatory compliance and risk management are all crucial aspects of business that are convenienced by having efficient and secure data rooms. Data rooms are used to securely share information and documents in a more streamlined fashion. Over the two past decades, data rooms have transformed from secure offices where hard copies of corporate documents can be confidentially reviewed to virtual ‘rooms’ where confidential review can take place securely and efficiently online. Virtual data rooms promote collaboration and efficiency while also helping you securely store and share any sensitive information and documents. 

Raising Funds 

A comprehensive and easy to use data room helps investors with their due diligence processes. This proves valuable as it increases the speed and efficiency of the fundraising process. Virtual data rooms also

  • provide organisational efficiency; 

  • save investors’ time and leaves a good impression; 

  • allow you to engage a broad group of bidders as due diligence information can be shared securely and conveniently; and 

  • frees up your time to work on other parts of your business beyond fundraising.

Furthermore, having a well-built data room shows investors that you are organised, responsible and ready to raise capital! Tools such as PocketLaw’s Document Storage and Access can help you build an organised and comprehensive data room helping you save time and make money!

Staying Compliant

Another important consideration for any business is remaining compliant with the many laws and regulations that govern the business world. This unavoidable task can easily become costly and time-consuming, placing a drain on your company’s resources and productivity. A virtual data room provides a secure way to organise data and documents across different managers and teams. A virtual data room can be used to build a comprehensive and efficient way to store data within an organisation from day one. Data can then also be shared with third party regulators while maintaining data and systems security.  

Thus, building a comprehensive data room is an exercise that can also be an efficient and secure solution for you to organise and share any documents to ensure compliance with regulation and reporting in today’s business world.

Managing risks

One of the most important aspects of virtual data rooms is the ability to securely share documents with third parties. Sensitive documents relating to intellectual property or personal data of employees must be held and shared securely. Intellectual property and other proprietary data must not be disclosed to the wrong party. Personal data of any form must be held securely in order to comply with the GDPR and other data protection legislation. A virtual data room can securely store and organise any sensitive documents, minimising the additional risk of data breaches while providing the flexibility required for collaboration and efficiency. 

Alternative forms of file sharing, such as email, thumb drives or drop boxes, are not adequately secure as they do nothing to prevent illicit copying or printing of the shared content. Furthermore, other means of sharing information, such as a shared spreadsheet, fail to support collaboration and are also less secure when compared to virtual data rooms.

Pocketlaw’s Document Storage and Access is a tool that can help you stay secure and collaborate safely!

Please note: Pocketlaw is not a substitute for an attorney or law firm. So, should you have any legal questions on the content of this page, please get in touch with a qualified legal professional.

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