How to manage Users & Access in Pocketlaw

Understanding how to best set up User roles & Access levels in Pocketlaw is essential for a smooth collaboration across teams and responsibilities.

You get started by selecting the Users & Access tab which will allow you to invite your colleagues to Pocketlaw. Simply click the Invite button, fill in the e-mail address and select the appropriate access level for that persons role.  

Understanding Pocketlaw Access Levels 


An Admin in PocketLaw is someone who can see and edit everything created and uploaded by all users within the app. Admins can also edit the company settings, invite other users onto the platform and edit the Workspaces. Make sure you only give admin access to a limited number of people. 

Team Manager

A Team Manager can only see and edit the content that they create or upload or content that someone has given them access to. A Team Manager can view all templates and can create as many as they desire. Team Managers can invite new Users and Team Managers to the platform as well as edit the Workspaces.


A User can, just like a Team Manager,  only see content created or uploaded by themselves or content that someone has given them access to. A user can create all templates. Users cannot invite anyone to the platform. 

Workspaces Access

Admins are able to edit and change the subfolders within the Workspaces. They can provide access to others to view specific folders or documents within a folder.