Annual General Meeting / General Meeting

A limited company needs to hold an annual general meeting (årsstämma) that should take place within six months of the company’s financial year-end.

The main purpose of the meeting is that the shareholders elect board members and auditor (if needed). It is also a forum for presenting the annual accounts for approval to the shareholders. 

The meeting must be held within the city, town or village where the registered office of the company is situated.

Before the meeting

You can find a template of "Notice of annual general meeting" in Pocketlaw. How and when notice to attend the general meetings should be given is stated in the articles of association. Notice can be done by, for example, e-mail or post.

Public limited companies are also legally bound to announce all types of general meetings in the national gazette, Post- och Inrikes Tidningar, and in a nation-wide newspaper named in the articles of association.

General meetings

General meetings (bolagsstämma) can be held wherever suitable and whenever necessary throughout the year. The shareholders may want to elect new board members, appoint a new auditor or adopt new articles of association.

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting / General Meeting

You are required to keep minutes at the Annual General Meeting and the General Meeting. The minutes must be signed by the person who wrote the minutes (recording clerk), the chairman of the general meeting and the person / persons appointed by the General Meeting to adjust/review the minutes (the adjusters).

Create your minutes in minutes with Pocketlaw

Pocketlaw helps you with everything from the notice of the meeting to writing the minutes of the meeting. Go to "Templates" and filter on "Corporate" in the Pocketlaw app.