From days to minutes - the benefits of automated templates

Do you want to work smarter with your existing templates? Or maybe you need help with creating templates for your standard contracts? Make your contracting process faster and more secure with Pocketlaw.

Automating contracts allows the persons owning the templates to ensure they always reflect the latest stand-point and commercial position of the company without needing to be involved in the approval of each individual contract. By automating your templates in PocketLaw we help you streamline your manual processes.   

Automated templates 

Many companies start by creating templates in google docs/word. When the business grows it is crucial that the rest of the organisation is given tools to “self-serve” when creating the contracts they need (HR, Sales, Partnerships, etc.). Legal should be an enabler and not a blocker. 

Customise Pocketlaws templates

The easiest way to create up-to-date templates is by customising Pocketlaws legal content for your business needs. Since Pocketlaw already provides high-quality legal templates for all departments there is no reason for your team to spend time and money on developing your own templates.  Simply let us know what your needs are and we will make sure the template is adapted to your needs. 

To automate your own template you can reach out to your Customer Success Manager or contact us in the support chat in the app.